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Hello and welcome to the website of Lions International District 105A


Internationally we have over 1.45 million volunteer members in over 210 countries and geographical areas. We are the largest humanitarian service organization in the world and strive to be global leaders in humanitarian projects with service every day – in local communities, throughout the world. Lions have no political or religious affiliations whatsoever. We are a non-profit organisation and have recently been awarded the title No 1 NGO in the world.

Locally, District 105A has over 1360 members from sixty eight diverse Lions Clubs within the areas of London (north of the Thames) Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Oxfordshire.


Each local Lions Club is unique and supports local community projects and causes including vision, youth, health, environment, disaster relief. Lions Clubs also look further afield and contribute to global health emergencies and natural disasters. Funds are raised in many ways with our annual subscriptions paying for all administration costs. Each Club has a social side too friendships and fun are important .Please take a look at our photo gallery containing some of our projects and also our Facebook site www.facebook.com/LionsClubsDistrict105A


This next year the Lions International and many of the District 105A Clubs will focus on five core areas using some of the projects below as well as events for the young, the elderly and people with disabilities that reflect our Districts cultural diversity

  • Diabetes by promoting awareness and education to our communities
  • Environment the health of our planet is essential to life –planting trees, providing clean water, recycling programmes and preserving our local areas
  • Hunger by feeding the hungry, stocking food banks and creating sustainable community gardens
  • Childhood Cancer by expanding access to life saving treatment and supporting children and their families
  • Vision by programmes and services for the blind and visually impaired and educating and improving eye health and eye care

I am honoured to serve as District Governor for July 2019 -June 2020 and my motto is: “Help others achieve, care and respect for each other and strive for excellence.”. My aims are to actively promote our organisation’s ethos and core principles which is made possible by nurturing and motivating existing members. Simultaneously, providing support to each club with recruiting both members and volunteers so we are able to “serve even more people in need.”

District 105A Lions clubs will achieve this by:

Using on programmes and services for the blind and visually impaired o Supporting local and large-scale global health programs to prevent and control diabetes o Organising events that celebrate the diversity of our community especially our senior citizens, people with disabilities and young people;

Our funds are raised in many ways, we pay for our own Administration by way of our annual subscriptions, So all monies collected after event expenses are there to help many others in their endeavours. Occasionally Partnered Charities (Marie Currie and MacMillan Nurses) ask for our help in raising funds o Whilst having fun and making friendships by helping others

DG’s Partner’s Charity

London's Air Ambulance Charity

Every second of every day, London’s Air Ambulance Charity is ready to deliver rapid response and cutting-edge medical care. Critical injury can happen to anyone, at any time and is the biggest killer of people under 40. It brings the hospital emergency department to the scene, delivering life-saving treatment to the 10 million people who live and work in London. The team, consisting of an advanced trauma doctor, paramedic and consultant on most missions, can perform treatments such as open-heart surgery, blood transfusions and general anaesthetic by the roadside

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Upcoming Events

  • Lions Family Funday

    Family Fun Day

  • Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

    September 2019 is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Clubs can support individual children suffering from Cancer and their families by: Volunteering to help individual children and their families or at local Hospices e.g. providing transport to treatment centres; looking after siblings during treatment sessions; taking individual children and their siblings on outings. Raise funds and donate them to local or national Childhood Cancer Charities e.g. Sponsored Walks;can shakes for CLIC Sargent. CLIC Sargent is Morrisons named Charity until February 2020 Run a Project to help individuals with Cancer e.g. knit hats caps, head scarves and blankets for childhood cancer centres; provide outings for them and their families; providing entertainment at treatment centres; provide Cancer support related books and magazine forlocal libraries and schools; provide books and activity materials for individual children whilst they are undergoing treatment. Organise an outing or weekend retreat for families with children in remission. Clubs are urged to carry out activities to help children with Cancer this Lionistic year. September would be a good month to do this. When your Club has carried out a Childhood Cancer Project or made a donation please email Penny on health@lions105

  • Forming New Clubs

    A date for your diary More details to follow Time may be subject to change

  • Vision Awareness Month

    Since the launch of Sight First in 1990, Lions have improved eye health and eye care for hundreds of millions of people around the world. Clubs can work and plan for World Sight Day on the 11th October.

  • Peace Poster Contest Kits purchase Deadline

    This year’s theme is aptly titled as across the globe we all are looking for resolution of conflict in the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Central America. Lions clubs interested in sponsoring the Lions International Peace Poster Contest can order a Peace Poster Contest kit (PPK-1) from Lions HQ in Birmingham. The cost of the kit is £14.00 plus postage.

  • Europa Forum 2019

    Lions Europa Forum - https://www.europaforum2019.ee Main Registration for Europa 2019 continues until 20th September.

  • World Sight Day 2019

    Since 1988, Lions World Sight Day has raised awareness about the importance of eye health and the need for quality eye care services for all. On this special day of service, Lions clubs around the world conduct sight-related projects including: vision screenings, eyeglass donations,restorative surgeries, eye health education programs, and the donation of assistive devices to those with vision impairment. Suggestions for an event at your Club: Ask your local Mayor, Councillor or MP to take part in a community walk, if agreeable blindfolded Have a walk with local blind people and their guide dogs Hold a raffle on the day– a single prize – a large cuddly toy wearing spectacles Organise a Club/Zone table with Lions sight posters, leaflets and any other sight related information to show to your community Invite classes from local schools to walk in pairs with one blindfold per pair changing over half way Organise a route of local shops fo rsmall groups of blindfolded walkers, with guides, to experience the problems blind and partially sighted people experience daily Promote more collecting boxes at opticians to collect any specs on the day, along with used hearing aids Fundraise for Lions Sight Savers

  • World Food Day

    Where would we be without food? We certainly wouldn’t be at a Coffee Shop, Supermarket or restaurants. We wouldn’t, in fact, be anywhere for very long, because we need food to live. Food is seen as a basic human right, and yet one in nine people globally experience chronic hunger. As far back as 1945 the United Nations recognized food as not a privilege, but a right, and that’s why they created World Food Day, observed annually on October 16, in 1979. It’s a day of observance to draw attention to the plight of the hungry.

  • Winter Forum

    Annual Winter Forum More details of the programme to follow

  • Diabetes Awareness Month

    Diabetes is a global epidemic, and one of the fastest-growing in the world. It is a leading cause of death globally and a leading cause of blindness and visual impairment. Through the Lions Clubs International Foundation, Lions aim to rid the world of infectious blindness, reduce the prevalence of diabetes and improve the quality of life for those diagnosed. November is the perfect time for Clubs to increase awareness about diabetes! Awareness is the first step to any kind of change. Awareness and education is even more powerful. Knowing symptoms of type 1 can be life-saving when a diagnosis is right around the corner. If you’re at risk for type 2, education can help prevent or delay the progression of the disease. Contact the District Officer for ideas on how you can do this within your communities

  • Certified Guiding Lions

    A date for your diary More details to follow Time may be subject to change

  • World Diabetes Day

    WORLD DIABETES DAY is celebrated every year on November 14 and was established by the International Federation of Diabetes and the World Health Organization in 1991. Please contact the District Officer for ideas on what you can do in your communities.

  • Peace Poster-All entries to be received by the District Officer

    Fellow Lions, it is with great pleasure I announce the 2019-20 Peace Poster Contest theme is “Journey of Peace”. Whilst the Schools are on summer break it is perfect opportunity for the Clubs to make contact with the Schools Administrator’s to establish contacts with the Principal or Head of Art in getting the students to enter the competition. The teachers will be able to plan ahead for the contest. The competition is open for 11, 12 and 13 years old students as of November 15. Youth Clubs can enter the competition which the Clubs can sponsor. Mother Theresa said that “Peace begins with a smile”. Since peace comes in many different forms, perhaps peace isn’t a destination or end result, but the journey itself. Gandhi once said “There is no path to peace. Peace is the path.” The dictionary declares peace as a noun, suggesting that it is something attainable, but in attaining peace we are attaining a state of being, making it more like an adjective. If peace is a journey, not the destination, I am sure the young students to whom this Contest is aimed would want to know what that destination looks like? Our organisations motto “WE SERVE” follows this principle where the members and the community benefits. Our International Presidents theme for this year “Diversity to Bridge the Divide”. The Clubs in our District can take action now in contacting the Schools in their local area and encouraging them to enter this competition which will benefit their students and the School. The Poster entries submission deadline for the District is 15 November 2019. All entries must be received by the District Peace Poster Officer by the above-mentioned date. Lion Sunil Patel Peace Poster Officer peaceposter@lions105a.org

  • 12th District Youth Celebration

    Annual District Party for Disadvantaged and Disabled Youngsters Disco – Singing - Dancing Magicians – Clowns - Sideshows - Games Face Painting – Food - Drink £9 per person Table sponsorship £90 Bookings by 10th November

  • International Leo Day

    International Leo Day is celebrated every year on December 5th when Lions the world over shift the focus to their youth – our Leos. It is a day set aside to celebrate the work of our young people in service to humanity. On December 5, Lions and Leos everywhere celebrate International Leo Day to recognise Leo clubs for their service in the community. Youth programs such as the Leo Club help young people develop valuable leadership skills, network with key players in the community and realise the impact of their humanitarian efforts. International Leo Day also helps strengthen the relationship between Lions and Leos, encouraging Leos to continue their service as Lions.

  • Hunger Awareness Month

    Hunger remains one of the world’s most critical and urgent challenges, due to rising food and energy prices, economic recessions, climate change, and political instability. Lions are working towards a world in which no child goes hungry, expanding the resources and infrastructure needed to address food shortage gaps around the world.

  • Melvin Jones Birthday

    Before there were over 1.4. million Lions around the world, there was one man with a vision. He was a salesman from Chicago, Illinois, USA, named Melvin Jones. Driven by a dynamic personality and a heart filled with kindness, he helped create a service movement over 100 years ago that’s still thriving today. https://www.lionsclubs.org/en/discover-our-clubs/melvin-jones-biography

  • Make yours an “Ideal Club”

    A date for your diary More details to follow Time may be subject to change

  • International Childhood Cancer Day

    International Childhood Cancer Day (ICCD) which was founded in 2002 by Childhood Cancer International (CCI) is celebrated around the world each year on February 15th. Childhood Cancer is one of the Lions Service areas and dedicated to protecting our youth. Especially from the devastating effects of cancer. To help children all over the world who’ve been diagnosed with cancer, Lions can do something special on this day for these children or their families.

  • Global Action Team Round Up

    Date for your dairy More details to follow Time may be subject to change

  • District 105a Convention

    District Convention weekend - a date for your diary More details to follow

  • Environmental Awareness Month

    Environment is a Service Area for Lions: The earth sustains human life. We’ve seen how our stewardship of natural resources can improve quality of life and increase engagement in our local communities. Our environment is more than a background: it’s our home. And we’re committed to caring for it. Clubs can raise awareness about Environmental Issues this month - get more details on how from the District Cabinet Officer.

  • Earth Day

    2020 will mark Earth Day’s 50th Anniversary! Earth Day is an annual call for the public to learn more about the beauty of the world and the dangers threatening the natural order. The celebration falls each year on April 22. Lion Clubs and Leos can do projects in their community to make a statement on environment - walk the streets of your neighborhood and pick up litter. Wear green, take photos of your group in action, and share them on social media on Earth Day to show how simple acts can have a big impact on the environment.